About Us

Throughout the years I've always looked for creative ways to express myself. The initial idea of  the Pretty Boy Social Klub  pullovers came from an  play on a popular streetwear brand. I liked the idea but I couldn't relate to the message, so I created my own. I made up one for myself with no intention of selling, and the response was overwhelming. I decided to expand upon the idea and create more options to include everybody now we've become Social Klub. 

I was taken back with the amount of support received for the clothing line. I'm humbled and appreciative that people want to wear something that I've made. What I love most about any type of business is that there's no limit. It doesn't matter how many people are doing the same thing, there's always a lane for everyone to be successful. Once we support each other rather than be in constant competition with each other we can all achieve.

I sincerely appreciate the continued support!


- S.Williams 

Social Klub




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